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If you're alive, it isn't.
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--Mother Teresa

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

We are in Hanoi

We are in Hanoi. They lost all our baggage between Bangkok and Hanoi. WC booked us a suite at the Hung Ngoc and we are not the least bit pleased. Every surface including the bed is as hard as nails. How did any of you stay here with a baby? Supposedly all other hotels are booked but my Husband went on a search tonight and we will hopefully be moving tomorrow. I can not bring my babies here and my back will be torn up from this bed. When they say 2-3 star rating believe it.

Talking about babies, We met today with Kim & Kenny from WC. The G&R has been moved again to Tuesday the 30th this time. Hopefully my stomach is feeling better by then. I have still not recovered from this stomach thing I have had since I got off the plane on Wed.

I don't have much to say about Hanoi because I stayed in our room because I was not feeling well. My Husband went out walking about 6-11PM and came back absolutely astonished. He could not believe the way people live. Two things really got to him. He had a pregnant woman jump off a motorbike and grab his arm. She would not let go. She said she was so hungry. She asked him if he "Wanted a GOOD time?". She was about 7 months pregnant and it appeared to be her boyfriends of Husbands motorbike she jumped off of to pursue my Husband. Another girl about our daughters age(12) tried to sell him bootlegged CDS . She said she was starving and had not ate in days. He did not buy cds but gave her money for food. Can you imagine being so poor and hungry you will do anything? I am not sure I am going to be able to handle this. I have the biggest bleeding heart. I might be in tears this whole month.

I only saw a little on the drive from the airport to the Hotel. The landscape is absolutely beautiful. The traffic is a insane. I had to close my eyes some of the way. Did not help my nausea any. My husband said I will never cross the road because motorbikes and cars actually brush against you. I will not usually cross without a crosswalk. This should be interesting.

I looked out my window of this Hotel right in the middle of the old quarter today. People next door had 6 whole ducks or chickens strung up on a rack all day in the hot sun and then cooked them in the evening. Girls were washing their hair in a bucket right next to these raw chickens. I could not believe it. I think I am suffering from a bit of culture shock.

Hopefully things turn for the best tomorrow.


Karen said...

Yes, you are not in Kansas anymore. LOL! We did enjoy the Hong Ngoc and we got an extra comforter and would lay Christopher down in the floor to play etc. The beds are hard but after the jet lag, I found I could sleep on anything. Hope you feel better soon and can get booked in another hotel. Cannot wait to see those babies!

Catherine said...

Just take it easy...it is VERY different and it took me about 4 days to get used to it all. Just stay in your hotel, take short trips out, and it will get easier and I promise you WILL love it by the time you leave. Just go easy on yourself...on top of being sick, it's alot to take in :)

Anonymous said...


are you in room 704..that is the room we stayed in for over 30 days at the hong ngoc...we saw the ducks daily hang in the sun...sometimes they would also hang chickens. they serve them at the restarant next door. they are famous for the "DUCK" by day 30 after eating not one bite of meat, when they cooked those ducks they started to smell good to me...best of luck to you. hope you are not there for as long as us, but the staff were wonderful and we would stay there again. BUT the furniture is uncomfortable. It will feel like heaven when you return to the good ole USA.

MotherMotherOcean said...

Enjoy it. The city will grow on you. The US is your basis of normalcy, but the rest of the world has a great way of doing things as well. The Army is supposed to be a great hotel as well.