"Take an action each day that alleviates suffering in the world. Bring light into darkness."
-Angeles Arrien

Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished:
If you're alive, it isn't.
--- Richard Bach

I have come to realize more and more that the greatest disease and the greatest suffering is to be unwanted, unloved, uncared for, to be shunned by everybody, to be just nobody [to no one]
--Mother Teresa

We were not separated at your birth.
It was the moment at which we began our journey toward each other
-Nancy McGuire Roche

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Giveaway Update

I want to check in and give an update on the Vietnam fundraiser. We are 29% of the way to our goal. I ESPECIALLY want to personally thank all 28 people who have already contributed. Each and every one of you have made a difference. I could not do this without your help. Your comments to me were amazing and I appreciate every word.

I am so glad I have met a lot of nice people the last few weeks who have bent over backwards to help me out. I have to be honest and tell you a few weeks ago I felt so defeated and felt like giving up. I was in tears one day and wondering WHY I was doing this (I got a few less then encouraging emails and posts). I have so much on my plate right now with my 5 kids and my Husband working 16 hour days for the last 3 months (Which means as a SAHM I am working 16+ hour days). I am trying to potty train twins and I am beyond exhausted when I finally fall into bed very late at night. Why was I adding something else to my list? I have searched my heart and soul and realize I am doing this because I can not close my eyes at night without remembering and seeing the children of Vietnam; the severe poverty all around me. Living conditions that were beyond appalling. Children of 5 years old alone on the streets selling postcards when they should be in school. Woman 7 months pregnant telling my Husband she is so hungry, hasn't ate in days and asking if he wants a "good time" for 50 cents. Poverty so severe you either give your child away or they will die in your arms. These are the things that haunt me when I close my eyes at night. I have to do something. Even if it is just a little drop in the bucket. If we all band together all the little drops will add up and the bucket will soon be overflowing.

I know times are hard right now but I read something the other day that hit home."Even if the current economy has wiped out a quarter or more of your wealth, your still rich by global standards". Take a second and think about this. This one little sentence has changed my outlook on my own situation. As hard as it is in the US right now imagine being in a third world country during these trying times. The poorer we get, the poorer the world gets. In the scheme of things $10 is just a few cups of that expensive coffee a week. In a third world country it could build a house for a family. I know what my choice would be.

I have to thank one extra special person. Laurie over at Pho for Five went out of her way to contact me with the most encouraging email, gave me tons of great ideas and she blogged extensively about my giveaway on her VERY popular blog. Thanks again Laurie. I also want to thank Lani and Amanda over at the great website multiples and more who offered to feature my blog and my giveaway tomorrow. Thank you everybody else who has took the time to blog about my cause.

I am sure you will all understand when I say I have decided to extend the giveaway/fundraiser until May 31, 2009. I have received a lot of coverage lately but still have some avenues to pursue. This turned out to be a lot harder then I originally anticipated because of the economy. I want to give this the best shot I can. The ultimate purpose of this is to build that house for that needy family but I am very glad someone will end up with a brand new stroller in the end. I just want to let you all know even if I do not meet my goal (which would be very sad) the stroller will still be given away. The odds of winning this stroller are outstanding for all of you who join because participation has been so low. Remember you can still give to the cause even if you do not want a chance to win the stroller (Maybe you live outside of the US or you only have $5.00 to give right now). No contribution is too small. I want to thank the few of you who have already contributed without participation in the giveaway. This was a very selfless thing for you to do and it will be greatly appreciated by a very needy family.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Double Stroller Giveaway

I want to make sure to keep this at the top of my blog:

Edited: Stroller Giveaway ending May 31, 2009

I have decided what my next fund raising cause will be; I told you I had an idea brewing and I have come to a decision. This one feels really good. I have always wanted to do something big like this in Vietnam; Change the life of a WHOLE family.
When I traveled to Vietnam in 2007, to bring home my children, I could not believe what I saw. Families (Not 1 but thousands) living in conditions I would not consider adequate for my dog to live in (The average ANNUAL household income in Vietnam is less then $300 US per year); Shacks with dirt floors, no windows or doors and a tarp or cardboard boxes for a roof. I could not leave these people behind, come home to my cushy life in the US and forget what I had seen. I vowed to myself I would try and make a difference. Together WE are going to build a house (or hopefully two) for a very poor family in Vietnam. For every $10 donated you get one entry; Each $25.00 donation will get you three entries (Entries with US addresses ONLY; Anybody can donate to cause-I just can't afford to ship it overseas). If you DONATE AND Blog (with Link back to this blog post) and post my widget about my giveaway you will get an extra entry. Leave a comment here with the link to your blog post to get your extra entry. Even if you don't need a double stroller this can turn into a SINGLE stroller, it would make a awesome baby shower gift, donate it or sell it on craigs list or ebay. It's just 10 bucks so take a chance you just might win the stroller but the true prize is what you will have done to improve another human beings life. Random number generator will be used to pick the winner. Please pass this along it is for a very worthy cause. I need at least 175 donations to make this dream a reality. You can donate by paypal OR credit card through the chip in widget. If you have a paypal account I would prefer you use this because they charge me a fee for the credit card. Credit card payments are fine if you do not have a paypal account.

The giveaway is for a brand new Contours Options Tandem stroller in Red (Retail Value $249.99).

The Contours® Options® Tandem is the perfect stroller to give you the flexibility needed as a parent. For 1 or 2 kids, infant or toddlers, everyone has a great view in any direction with its reversible seats! It is the ultimate stroller with lots of options for your ever changing life style!

  • • Seats Easily Reverse to Create 6 Different Stroller Options. Children Can Both Face Parent, Face Each Other, Face Forward or Back to Back. The Options Tandem Can Also Be Used with Only the Front Seat so There's Lots of Storage in Back.
  • • Infant Car Seat Attachment Fits Most Car Seat Brands on the Market. Additional Car Seat Attachment is Sold Separately to Accommodate Twins!
  • • Both Seats Recline for Infant's Comfort
  • • Ultra Smooth Ride & Steering with Two 8" Front Single Swivel & 10" Rear Never Flat Wheels
  • • Easy Trigger Fold and Convenient Free-Stand™ Allows the Stroller to Stand on its Own! And if You Remove Both Seats, This Stroller Will Become More Compact When Storing in Small

  • Edited: Stroller Giveaway Ending May 31, 2009

    You can also donate to this cause by ordering magazines from my fundraiser. 40% off cover list price. Just click on banner below.

    Thursday, April 02, 2009

    Babies 2nd Birthday; My thoughts

    We celebrated the twins second birthday; I cannot believe my babies are two years old. Where does the time go? How come the 18 months of adoption hell dragged on like slow motion but the 17 months they have been with us has flown by lightning speed? I really am not ready for it to be moving so fast. Every day I have them is a joy and I just want to savor it. What did I ever do to deserve such a gift?

    Lots of things run through my mind on this special day. This is the second birthday I have been blessed to spend with them. They are two special souls that entered my life in a very unique way. When I look at Meliah and Khai there is no doubt in my mind they were put here on this earth to be mine; we were destined to be together. It scares me sometimes to think about if we had not found each other. I often think about what if I had done something different during the adoption process. What if I had gone with the first agency I had originally signed with that worked in a different province? What if I had not chose to have major elective surgery that delayed my second home study visit? The day I contacted my second agency Meliah and Khai were In Vietnam waiting to age in; waiting for me. I did not expect twins but my coordinator told me about two eight week old babies who needed a home. I could have chose to wait for a toddler and baby but the minute she mentioned these twins I knew it was destiny and they were meant to be mine. It terrifies me to think if I had made that call one month later.

    So far their birthdays have been a bittersweet day for me. I find myself being happy and sad all at once. I never expected to feel this way. I am happy because it is the joyous day they were born into his world but sad because it is not a day that I can look back and remember two years ago. There are so many things I do not know about the day Meliah and Khai were born. So many stories I will never be able to share with them. So many things I ache to know and so many firsts I wish I had been there to witness. I often wonder what time they were born; it bothers me that I do not know which of my children is older. This is a day they share with their birth mothers and I would never begrudge them those short special moments but if I am 100 % honest with myself I must admit that I am jealous of these moments and memories their birth mothers share with them today that I am not a part of. It surprises me I feel this way but I must be honest. I will always be indebted to their birth mothers and will always think of them on this special day. They have given me a gift more precious than I could have ever hoped for and I will always be grateful for that. I hope they are at peace on this day and the memories they have of Meliah and Khais birth will always be a treasured gift.

    This reminds me of a topic lately on one of the blogs I read. It was a discussion about if and how you celebrate your adoptive children referral and giving and receiving day. I was surprised to read how many AP who do not celebrate or do not want to make a big out of these days mostly because of their bio kids. I cannot agree with this. One of the reasons I will always celebrate and make a big deal out of the babies referral and especially G and R day is because that is OUR official “birthday” together. That feels to me like their day of birth. That is the first day I laid eyes on them, held them and the day they were “born” into our family. It is a day of pure joy for me. It is all the first moments that we will forever share. It is a day to tell all the stories of our firsts .I cannot give them these things on the actual day of their birth but I can give it to them on the day they were finally “born” to us. It will always be a very special day worth celebrating to me. I don’t think my bio kids would ever want to take that away from us or them.