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If you're alive, it isn't.
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Update and photos on house in Vietnam

Well I promised I would keep you guys up to date on the house you all helped me build in Vietnam. Robert chose a needy family that he visited at the end of July while he was in Vietnam. Here is an email I received about them-

"-The family is living in Quang Nam Province

- Husband's name: Do N. L. - works as a farmer.

- Wife's name: Tran T. H. - works as a farmer, too.

- The husband works as an bricklayer assistant is his free time after crops to earn extra money to support the whole family.

- Incomes from husband and wife is very little and unstable, plus all the kids are at the age of studying, they can help the parents earn any money, so the parents have to save all their money for the kids’ study.

- The first child (a daughter) : Do T. V .T 1993, in 10 grades.

- The youngest son : Do N. T. H 1997, in 6 grades.

- They have lived in this shack for more than 10 years. When the winter comes, the house is flooded up to 2 meters. They have dreamed of a strong house to live and to provide their children a place to study, but they haven't made their dream come true because of poverty.

- When Giving It Back to Kids came and decided to help them build a new house, how happy they were! They always dream of a new and stronger house, and thanks for donors, their dream now come true. They don’t know how to express their deep gratitude."

I was beyond thrilled to know they had identified a family and would start construction immediately. I got another email today with a photo update on the construction. I could not believe once the old house was torn down what a beautiful building site was there. I am so happy to know this family will not have to spend another winter in that shack I can't even call a House. Below is before and during pictures. Hopefully I will have after pictures to post soon. I again want to thank every one of you who helped make this dream for this family and me a reality.

Here is family with before photo of "House":

During construction :


I have to tell you about the most amazing, inspiring blog. It is about Katie, a 20 year old with 13 adopted girls living in Uganda and changing the world. She is AMAZING. I have put her badge on my blog (and below) if you would like to visit and consider supporting her cause.

Monday, August 17, 2009

They did it !!!

Well it is official, My babies are potty trained. I still can not believe it. After 3 days home, naked potty training, we can finally put clothes on them again. It was really weird but for days if I put any form of clothes on them they would pee, naked they would tell me they had to go. I had always used a rewards form of potty training with my other children but this just would not work with the twins. I inadvertently stumbled across naked potty traning and did not even know it was a actual thing until I googled it the day after we started. Saturday was our first day out and first day with clothes on. Unfortunately they relate pullups with diapers and we can not use eaither. We had to resort to the old fashioned cotton gerber training pants and things went really good. I bought a travel potty to keep in the car and it was the best purchase I have made. I just put them on the potty in the back of the car every time we get to our destination and this way we have advoided the hassel of taking twins to a public bathroom. I still can not believe my " babies" are old enough to be potty trained. Where does the time go?