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Monday, November 12, 2007

Introducing Khai Baylen Nguyen Thompson and Meliah Oriana Tran Thompson

We are so busy with our excursions and both the babies that I find it very hard to blog on a consistent basis. When they go to bed between 7-8:30 I fall into bed soon after. I know (GASP) hard for you that know this night owl to believe. While I was waiting on the children I would have to force myself to sleep at 3:00 in the morning. They have cured me of that. They are finally both napping at the same time, on day #13, so I stole a second.

Sunday for about 4 hours we toured The Museum Of Ethnology Museum. (http://www.vme-org.vn/) Something to put on your to do list. They had the actual Khin and Tay (Both my children's ethnicity) houses rebuilt on sight. The children were absolutely beautifully behaved. Today we did the The Temple Of Literature. Beautiful buildings, Lilly pad ponds and gardens. They did wonderfully today too. Vietnamese people stop us and want to know how long we have had them. They are so surprised the children are so comfortable with us in less then 2 weeks. The people actually stop us and take pictures of our son. They tell us he is very handsome by Vietnamese standards. Both the children will draw a crowd almost anywhere we go. Today I saw this crowd swarming around the benches and wondered what was going on. Only to find Mark and our Daughter at the center of the crowd of 15-20 people. Him answering all kinds of questions about our children. Now I know what the animals on display at the zoo feel like. I never expected this kind of attention. I only wonder what kind of attention we will draw back in the states? I can not imagine it will be more then this.

Saturday we finished up our shopping for the donations from the fundraiser. It was a shopping trip from hell. We went across town to humongous mall with a Big C. Kind of like a knock off Walmart. We drew such a crowd we could not walk down the isles. I filled 2 baskets with all kinds of goodies for the babies back at the orphanage. Here is my list:
- Baby Walker
-5 baby Bunting sleeping Bags
-4 Head pillows
-6 Sweaters with matching booties and hats
-4 Button up sweaters
-5 winter Hats
-6 Fleece Pant and shirt sets
-4 puzzle Mats
-3 Large Boxes of Infant rattle toys
-Many bags of Balls,Toys, Rattles
-4 XL Johnson's Head to toe wash
-5 Prickly Heat Johnson's powder
-5 XL Johnson's Baby shampoo
-3 XL Johnson's Baby Bath
-3 XL Johnson's Baby soft wash
-4 L Johnson's Baby powder
-2 XL Johnson's Baby Powder Blossom
-3 Large Washcloths
-5 Johnson's Baby Deet free Anti Mosquito Lotion

Officially we have decided on names for the children. We have been calling him Tai (TY) up until now because he responds to his name and he has had a little bit harder time adjusting. Luckily one of our picks is surprisingly close to his birth name. We would like to introduce Khai (Ka-EYE) Baylen Nuygen Thompson and Meliah (Ma-LEE-ah) Oriana Tran Thompson. Quite a mouth full. We incorporated both their Vietnamese last names as a second middle name. Since they are both relinquished we thought this would be a nice way to honor their birth families. I can not express in words how very honored we are to welcome Khai and Meliah to our family. They have grown in our hearts over these past months but they are now finally part of our family forever. We can't wait to introduce them to their brother and sister's waiting at home.

Khai is a male name with
Vietnamese origins.

-Emperor Khải Định (啟定) (Nguyen Buu Dao) was the 12th Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty in Vietnam.

-Phan Văn Khải (born December 25, 1933) is a former prime minister of Vietnam. According to Vietnamese custom, this person properly should be referred to by the given name Khải. He was elected to the position on September 24, 1997, and was re-elected in August 2002. On June 24, 2006, he announced his resignation

Kai is also a
Hmong male name that is sometimes spelt "Khai".

-In Hawaiian, Kai means ocean or great water. The sea.
-In Latin, Kai is rooted in the word Gaius, which means earth.
-In Welsh and Scottish, Kai means "Keeper of the Keys", after Sir Kay, from King Aurthur's Knights of the Round Table


Meliah or Malia means peaceful and calm,gentle waters.. It is of Hawaiian origin.


Means "from the east" or "sunrise"

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Dawn said...

What beautiful names!
My eldest nephew is Kai.