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-Angeles Arrien

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If you're alive, it isn't.
--- Richard Bach

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--Mother Teresa

We were not separated at your birth.
It was the moment at which we began our journey toward each other
-Nancy McGuire Roche

Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday November 5th In Hanoi- Lucky Turtle

Our sunshine!!!

Waiter at restaurant. They love Babies!!

Our Grumpy Head!!

We had a busy day today. We have finally braved going out with the babies. Sunday was our first real outing to the ceramic village. It was really beautiful stuff. We spent $170 mostly on tea sets. Was nice to see the other families we have not seen since the G&R. It seems the babies from Lang son were a lot better cared for then the babies from Bach Ninh. Bach Ninh babies had scabies, abscesses and respiratory infections. Only our son from Lang son had an ear infection. All theWC babies are adorable .

Babies get up at 5:00 to start their day. We have been taking long walks around Hanoi everyday with the babies. Today we headed out with our carriers. I have been looking for lantern street. I want to hang different color and shape silk lanterns above the babies crib at home. I found about 8 beautiful silk lanterns in many deep colors. I am thrilled about my purchase from my children's birth country. A little something to remind us all of Vietnam.

We then walked home past the lake from Lantern street. There was a big fuss at Lake by the temple. Crowds of people and motor bikes stopped everywhere. Police were trying to control traffic. We noticed everybody pointing over towards the temple in the center of the lake. Finally we realized there was a humongous turtle beached in the grass around the temple. This supposedly is a very rare sight. Mark read online they have not spotted a turtle in those waters since 2002. It was obviously a very huge deal. We took some pictures but not sure if you can tell it is a turtle. Will post later.

We have our USCIS interview tomorrow. I am very nervous after hearing about more NOIDS issued lately. This time to relinquished families. I have decided worrying is not going to change the outcome so I am trying to stay in good spirits. Wish us luck. We really will be devastated if anybody try's to separate our new little family.


Catherine said...

They are both so beautiful!!! I will be praying for you :) Let us know how the interview goes!!

Anonymous said...

They are really cute! I hope your interview goes well and wish you a safe return home. Manette

Anonymous said...

Glad you got out. I hope everything goes well manana. I am glad you got the interview.