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It was the moment at which we began our journey toward each other
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Embassy Interview

Another busy day. I am so glad to have this first embassy interview behind us. I was of course a basket of nerves and we ended up being second to last. I expected some grumpy old mean embassy guy but it was really a pretty young girl behind 2 inches of glass. She was nice enough but I knew she held the fate of our family in her hands. I was told to keep my answers short and to the topic. That I did. Here are some of the questions that the embassy asked while I remember them-

-When did we arrive in Vietnam?
- What day was our G&R?
-How long was the trip to Lang son?
-When was our referral date?
- Was the day of G&R first time I saw both babies?
-Did I see referral pictures of these babies with my referral?
-Was referral first time I heard of these babies?
- How much of the orphanage did I see and to describe it?
-Did I see other babies or babies rooms at the orphanage?
- Did I ask to see other babies?
- Was I told the circumstances of my children's relinquishment?
-What exactly was I told about each child's situation?
-Did The birth parents attend the G&R ceremony?
- Did the birth parents speak to me?
-What did they say?
-How did my Daughters birth father act when we met him?

She said it was good that both sets of birth parents attended the G&R because this showed they were aware the children were being given up for adoption. This is good. She pretty much said it should be 4-6 days if they do not investigate but again she said the birth parents attending was a good sign. I am pretty relived. All the appointments out of Lang son went well.

Unfortunately the other families with us from the other province were pretty much told they are going to be investigated. They are the first family from this province and all 4 children were abandoned within a week of each other. They said the officer said this threw up a few red flags. I wish them the best of luck. I know this is a very hard position to be in.

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Dawn said...

I am glad that your interview went well and our hearts go out to the other families that will be investigated. Are these families from our agency?