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If you're alive, it isn't.
--- Richard Bach

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--Mother Teresa

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It was the moment at which we began our journey toward each other
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

So Excited- Not over yet- New Link

Well today is the final day to contribute to my giveaway/fundraiser and possibly win a stroller ($250 value) while helping build a house for a needy family. I just got a ton of emails telling me my Chipin for my Giveaway ended early and will not let people contribute. It could not be fixed once it ends and I actually had to restart a new one for the day only. When I just checked I was 65% of the way to my goal. I want to thank every single one of the contributors so far. I hope to learn more about the actual family in Vietnam that will be benefiting once the fundraiser ends and keep you all updated with the progress on my blog. I just received a really nice email from the President of the organization that will be building the house and he is going to Vietnam in Mid June and has a few families in need already picked out. If we choose to build a house for one of these families he has already picked here is what he says " I will send you a picture of the place they currently live in, their family circumstances and a after photo when their home is built". Hopefully I will be able to post pictures when the organization can get them to me. I am so excited right now after reading his email. It finally seems real.

Please consider placing a contribution big or small if you have not already. I really want to reach 100% so I am guaranteed they can start construction on this home as soon as possible. You can always sell the stroller on Ebay/craigslist if you don't need it or ask me to pick the most worthy contributor to donate it to. Please everybody keep blogging about this . Please follow this new link since the previous link closed out early. The giveaway will be closing at 12:00 PM PST today. http://doublestrollergiveaway.chipin.com/double-stroller-giveaway-extension

I have actually had a few people email me and suggest extending the giveaway a little while longer ( Maybe 1 or 2 weeks) because I am so close to my goal. I have already extended it once and don't want to get the contributors upset. What do you all think (Especially those that have already contributed)? Please leave a comment right away and help me decide.

If you want to know more about the giveaway check out previous post.

Remember you can also purchase magazines (Deeply discounted off the cover price) and 40% of the cost will go to the same cause. Just click on this link:


Have a Great Day,



Anonymous said...

I say extend it until the you are there! You are closer than ever and I have seen A LOT of buzz about it lately which is even greater!

the ben show said...

extend! you're getting so close! i'll put another plug in for you this week.

Karen said...

I say extend it if it gets you to your goal. How much more do you need?