"Take an action each day that alleviates suffering in the world. Bring light into darkness."
-Angeles Arrien

Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished:
If you're alive, it isn't.
--- Richard Bach

I have come to realize more and more that the greatest disease and the greatest suffering is to be unwanted, unloved, uncared for, to be shunned by everybody, to be just nobody [to no one]
--Mother Teresa

We were not separated at your birth.
It was the moment at which we began our journey toward each other
-Nancy McGuire Roche

Monday, February 02, 2009

Pulls at my heart strings; How about you?

Watch these videos and you will know why I chose to adopt from Vietnam (and still have such a passion for the children left behind); Why I choose to continue sponsoring children and families in spite of the economic downturn in the US (Annual income $250-300 dollars a year per family in Vietnam; Can you imagine?). Why my heart aches for my childrens birth families and what they must endure on a daily basis. If it pulls at your heart the way it does mine you will understand. When you go to a third world country,to bring your children home, and see such poverty you most likely will never be the same again. You could come home to your cushy lifestyle and try and forget, but I don't see how. What amazed me about Vietnam was our poorest person in the US is much better off then a middle/upper class person in Vietnam. Now if we measure wealth in kindness then the people of Vietnam would be way richer then we are. The people of Vietnam were a pure joy; I really did not expect this. I wasn't sure if there would be animosity left over from the war but this was not the case at all; almost the opposite. We only encountered one negative experience (from a very elderly lady with a machete) in five weeks. I really enjoyed the experience and the people. Such a love of babies and children that I have never seen anywhere. If the flight was not so god awful terrible, I would go back at least once a year. I will be back, just not sure when.

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