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-Angeles Arrien

Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished:
If you're alive, it isn't.
--- Richard Bach

I have come to realize more and more that the greatest disease and the greatest suffering is to be unwanted, unloved, uncared for, to be shunned by everybody, to be just nobody [to no one]
--Mother Teresa

We were not separated at your birth.
It was the moment at which we began our journey toward each other
-Nancy McGuire Roche

Friday, December 19, 2008

The photo session from H@@L!!

So we got all the kids pictures professionally taken last week for my MIL. It was the babies first professionally done picture. Well needless to say, Now I know why we did not do it sooner. Khai and Meliah do not love people. They are doing much better in the last year but they need to know you for a while before they warm up to you. Meliah does not like ANYONE to hold her but Mommy. She is laying on my lap right now while I write this. She will not sleep at night unless I am laying beside her holding her, If I get up she screams. Yes, She is officially spoiled. Still I prefer this over the way she was when we first got her,NEGLECTED. Khai will allow more people to hold him then Meliah but still has his preference of Daddy,Mommy or Sissy. Anyway, I knew if Meliah was placed down to get her picture and saw me she would immediately cry. I handed her off to my MIL while they waited (I hid behind the clothes racks). She does fine with my MIL as long as I am not around. I thought Khai would be okay, Probably not smile, but be okay. Well, I was wrong. For the individual pictures, Meliah did okay but never smiled and Khai screamed his head off. Neither baby smiled for any of the group pictures either. I honestly have to say it was a waste of money, We could have done a better job at home. I mean, I really like having a picture of all the kids but it does not in any way reflect Meliah and Khai's real spirit. They are happy children that smile all day long. My MIL ordered a collage with all 5 individual pictures clustered around a group picture of all 5 kids, $250.00 and poor Khai is screaming his head off. Oh well, At least the big kids look great (But of course, I had just spent a million dollars on school pictures of all of them).

This photo session reminded me of the first day in Vietnam when we had just picked up the babies. We had just had our G&R and after a 4 hour bus ride back to the city we had to get their Visa pictures taken. They both kept crying when we tried to take their Visa pictures. The picture people kept telling us that they could not be crying in their Visa photos., It would not be accepted. WHAT!!! They had just met us that morning and we had taken them away from everything and anything that they had ever known, How were we supposed to do that? It took about 20 minutes but we finally got them to calm down enough to get a serious picture.

What really annoyed me was the woman running the computer to bring up the pictures to order. First she asked me, when we came in, if Meliah and Khai's pictures BELONGED in with ours. Yes, They are ALL mine. Then when she made the first collage for my MIL she grouped the 3 other blond hair, blue eyed children together (No Melia and Khai). She wanted to know what we thought and my MIL kept saying "But I want all the children together". So she just kept rearranging the pictures of 3 of my 5 kids, still not adding Meliah and Khai's pictures. She was clueless. I had to finally say "They are ALL 5 brothers and sisters & ALL mine!!".

Then after all that, They will not even have the pictures ready until the 22nd. So much for a family Christmas card. I guess it will have to be a happy holiday,New year card.

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