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Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished:
If you're alive, it isn't.
--- Richard Bach

I have come to realize more and more that the greatest disease and the greatest suffering is to be unwanted, unloved, uncared for, to be shunned by everybody, to be just nobody [to no one]
--Mother Teresa

We were not separated at your birth.
It was the moment at which we began our journey toward each other
-Nancy McGuire Roche

Friday, December 12, 2008

Meliah and Khai might be MOVING

We just put an offer in on our dream house. Wish us luck. We are competing against another offer and don't know which the seller will accept. Couple of outside photos above. It has the most awesome yard. We have been looking at houses for probably 2 years but could never find a yard that we liked better then the yard we have now. What we have now is 1.7 wooded acres that backs to a stream. Every time we would find a house we liked it was always on a smaller clear cut yard. I would miss my woods so much. The only way we would have considered giving up the woods was to be waterfront. We never found a waterfront house that we loved. This new house has 9 wooded acres. It is a private wrought iron gated lot that is absolutely beautiful. The owners paid a $150,000 to have all the grass removed and it naturally landscaped with wildflowers,paths,and dry stream beds. Khai will be upset because no more tractor rides to cut the lawn but with 8 acres we will have more then enough work and fun on the tractor. We knew as soon as we got the babies home we would need a bigger house. With 2 little babies comes a lot of stuff(In addition to 2 teenagers and one kindergartner).The house we have now is no where near small at 3,000 sq ft but the way it is set up does not work for us anymore. The new house is double the size with the potential of another 2,000 sq ft when we finish the lower level. The owners of new house built in a up market 4 years ago and are taking quite a loss. It is a relocation so I am hoping his loss is getting reimbursed by his company. It is weird because new house is only about 2 miles away from old house but second oldest had a fit about moving away from the area. My kids are so spoiled.

I am trying not to get my hopes up too much in case things do not work out. I think it might be too late for that.

Did I also mention that Hubby agreed to another adoption in the future as long as I agreed to move to a bigger house that could hold all of us. My hopes are that Vietnam opens to the US again by 2010. Stay tuned for future updates and news about the possible further expansion of our family (Oh I can't wait for the reaction of our families this time. Some of their heads might explode. Will they think we are crazier then when we announced we were adopting 2 babies at the same time?)

Please wish us luck with all our new and exciting paths that we are on.

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Dawn said...

WOW ~ That is FANTASTIC!! A new house and the hope for a new baby in the future. Sounds WONDERFUL!!